VIRAL: Alamin ang kalagayan ng amang Hapon at ng kanyang mga anak matapos iwan ng kanyang asawa

Watch the third part of the story of the Japanese man who was left by his wife and is now just relying from the help of his neighbors and friends.

Hiroyuki Saito went to Raffy Tulfo’s program to seek help in asking his wife to come back home to them. Hiroyuki said that his wife, Rodina Tejima, left him and their children to be with another man.

Tulfo reminded Rodina that she could not be with another man until her marriage with Hiroyuki was not yet annulled because a file might be charged against her.

Hiroyuki asked Rodina if it is true that she was planning to go back to them. Rodina said that she would just get their children. But when Hiroyuki asked if she has a job, she said none. Tulfo then asked if Hiroyuki has one. He said that he was terminated from his job last August and he is still looking for a new one. He said that he and his family only lived off from the help of their neighbors and their friends. He said that this is the reason why he wanted Rodina to go home, so he could finally go back to work.

Rodina and Hiroyuki went face-to-face. Hiroyuki brought four of their children. All they want is for their mother to finally come home so that they could all be together again. One of the children told her mother to come home already so that their father could finally go back to work. She said that sometimes, they do not have food to eat, and she is growing concerned about her father’s situation.

With this, Tulfo told Rodina that he would never help her get her children back and he would very much favor Hiroyuki in their situation.

Tulfo gave Hiroyuki some money so they could eat something.

Before Christmas, the program visited Hiroyuki and his children. One could just see how unfortunate the family’s current situation is because of how their house looked like. Hiroyuki shared that he started selling most of their stuff just so they could have something to feed their stomachs.

The program staff interviewed some of Hiroyuki’s neighbors and asked if they are aware of the family’s current situation. Most of them said that they know that they had been struggling to make ends meet so as much as possible, they would help them especially the children and offer them some food.

One of the neighbors said that he admired Hiroyuki because despite what he was going through, he never left his children.

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