Umiiwas ba? Kris Aquino, Maluhaluha sa Video pero Hindi Sinagot ang Pagpo-pondo umano sa Anti-DU30 Blogger!

Ilang oras lang ang nakakalipas ay nag live sa kanyang mga social media account si Kris Aqino at ang kanyang legal team para pag-usapan ang isyu patungkol sa dati niyang financial manager na si Nicko Falcis. Matatandaang kinasuhan ni Kris si Nicko dahil umano pagdispalko ng financial maanger sa pera ng aktress. Maluha-luhang tinalakay din ni Kris ang tungkol estado ng kanyang kalusugan at ang kinabukasan ng kanyang mga anak.

Kapansin-pansin sa naturang video na hindi nag-komento si Kris sa isyu tungkol sa #PABoost. Ang #PABoost isyu ay tungkol sa pagpopondo umano ni Kris sa anti-government blogger at kritiko ni Presidente DUterte na si Jover Laurio aka Pinok Ako Blog (PAB). Sa mga naturang leaked chat conversations na inilabas ng kapatid ni Nicko na si Attorney Jesus Falcsis, makikita na tumatanggap ng pondo si PAB kay Nicko na may hawak ng credit card ni Kris.

Basahin ang reaksyon ng ilang pro-government bloggers sa hindi pag-komento ni Kris sa isyu ng #PABoost.

“So, to recap. Kris Aquino went Live on various socmed platforms, had her lawyers “argue” against the Falcis brothers. Then, she made an announcement.

With great drama she says she was not entirely truthful about her disease (but she “did not lie,” daw, ha) but that she has a form of lupus and that she is allergic to everything that can cure her.

Then she went on to say that the admission might cost her 5 pending contracts. But … Anyway she starts crying about her boys…and then says she should not be stressed or she might die (her sons might “lose her”)

Then she announced she is flying out to Singapore tomorrow for 14 days and that she is quitting all forms of socmed bec her doctors say she might get stressed. Then ended the Live.

Interesting that she did not address the PAB issue. Made no mention of the Falcis revelation that she was funding the virulent anti Admin posts.

There is a principle in evidence that says, that when the occasion calls for a Denial and one does not, then one’s silence is an admission.

Kris had the chance to loudly deny funding PAB. But SHE DID NOT. Make your conclusions now. sabi naman ng Pro-Duterte lawyer na si Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles.

“Daming hanash ni Kris, di na lang sagutin kung destabilizer sya. 🙄 Calling the companies who hire her, please don’t get an endorser who is a destabilizer. Unless she is able to clear herself, everyone should know that destabilization efforts ruin the economy, which is bad for your business,” sabi naman ni Krizette Laureta Chu.

Source: Kris | Luminous | TP | Mocha | Krizette Chu

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