Sharon Cuneta reveals she almost left Kiko Pangilinan many times in the past

The Star Cinema film “Three Words To Forever” recently premieres last November 28 earning PHP 6.5 Million. This information was revealed by one of the main casts herself, Megastar, Sharon Cuneta. During a blogger’s conference for the film, Sharon shared how their entire crew reacted to their premiere earnings.

Apparently, for a premiere night, PHP 6.5 Million pesos is low compared to other films. However, according to Sharon, they are not worried at all about how much they earned the first night. She said that due to certain circumstances like the famous ‘petsa de peligro.’

“Three Words To Forever” is a film about a husband and wife struggling to decide whether to stay or walk away. Cristy, Sharon’s character on the film thinks whether or not she would leave her husband, Rick, Richard’s character. asked Sharon if she ever had that thought about her real life husband, Senator Kiko Pangilinan, before. The actress admittedly answered:

“Many times! Umabot sa kinausap ko na yung mga anak ko. Tapos, sinabi ko sa sarili ko na, ‘I’ll stay here first.’”

She expressed how she relates to Cristy’s character so much. She revealed that she felt almost exactly the time with Kiko. Sharon said that during those times, Kiko would slowly but surely ‘court’ her to make her fall in love with him again.

In relation to their earnings, Sharon calmly told the interviewers that they are in no way panicking. In her years of experience on the field, she said that this was not the first time it happened. She said:

“We’ve had movies like this before. Relax lang kami because it’s a beautiful movie.”

Furthermore, she shared that her earlier film, “Unexpectedly Yours,“ also did not earn much during the premiere night. She said that they were shocked when they found out that their earnings increased more than they expected. All we can do now is wait and see if it will indeed earn more in the coming weeks.

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