LOOK: Mother of Ateneo student raised criticisms from the netizens because of its lack of sincerity

Just recently, the mother of the Ateneo junior high school student who became viral on several videos online because of mistreating his fellow students made an apology for the actions of her son that have caused some damages to his victims and also to his school.

“I would like to apologize for the action of my son. Sa nasaktan niya, sa school na na-drag man ang school sa isyu na ‘to,” the mother said..

In a report of Arnold Clavio in “24 Oras,” the mother of the Ateneo student has also appeal to the public to understand her son because he’s still young.

“I apologize pero gusto ko ring hingin yung understanding ng tao na bata itong anak ko eh,” she added.

During the interview, the grade nine student explained his side about the video that was taken inside the school’s comfort room where he was seen using extreme force to bring down a bigger but helpless student. According to him he was just defending himself during that time and that he had his own reasons for his actions.

He denied the allegations that he viciously victimized his fellow student because for him, his actions was meant to defend himself as opposed to what people have seen in the video.

“I was also defending myself naman eh, in a way. Kaso nga lang in the video, mukhang ako talaga ‘yung mas aggressive,” the kid said in an exclusive report of Arnold Clavio in 24 Oras.

“Nilalabas ko lang ‘yung inis ko sa kanya kasi tapos na nga ‘yung problema tapos hinamon mo pa ako nu’ng suntukan nu’ng last subject,” he said.

When he was asked about his actions, the student admitted that what he did was wrong and said that, “Hindi dapat ako nag-react ng ganu’n ka-violent.”

The Ateneo student claimed that he was challenged by the taller opponent in the first video and that the guy deliberately bumped him right even before the incident. In another video where he was seen exchanging punches with his fellow student, he explained that they were close friends who just had some misunderstanding with each other.

For third video where a student was seen on bended knees in front of him in the canteen of the school, he said that it was meant to be a joke and was only taken to watch by his friends.

According to the same news outlet, another student came to GMA News to support the kid’s statement.

After watching the interview, the netizens were left unsatisfied with their apology and criticized them for trying to create reasons instead of sincerely apologizing to the victims. For them, the Ateneo student’s youth is not enough reason for his actions that inflicted damages to his victims. Some of the netizens also noted that the student is old enough to know the consequences of his actions.

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