Atty. Trixie explains that Joaquin Montes cannot say that he’s defending himself: “Maaari mo lang sabihing dinidepensahan mo sarili mo at the time of the aggression”

A lawyer explained why Joaquin Montes could not use the ‘defending himself’ argument to defend his actions over the viral video showing him together with his school mate at the Ateneo De Manila High School several weeks ago.

During an exclusive interview, Joaquin Montes said that he didn’t commit something wrong because he’s only defending himself from the victim who according to him, challenged him several times.

“I just wish na hindi na nila sinabi yung mga sinabi nila in the first place kasi, yung sinasabi nila in-attack ko daw bathroom yung guy, eh sabay nga kami pumasok sa bathroom, I’m just defending myself, hindi naman ako nambubully ng walang dahilan.” Joaquin Montes said.

“Para sa akin, hindi naman bullying ‘yung ginawa ko because I was also defending myself naman eh, in a way. Kaso nga lang in the video, mukhang ako talaga ‘yung mas aggressive,” he added.

However, Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles, a blogger and lawyer, said that the viral videos clearly showed that Montes didn’t defend himself, but doing the first move against his schoolmates.

She suggested that the camp of Montes should show any evidence that the victims hit the former Ateneo Taekwondo champion first before saying that he’s only defending himself.

“Eto problema. Ang self-defense po ay immediate. Meaning maaari mo lang sabihing dinidepensahan mo sarili mo at the time of the aggression. Kung tapos na ang aggression at saka ka nanapak, that is another act of aggression.” Angeles said.

“Para maging katanggap tanggap na self defense yan, kailangan ipakita ni Bully na nanapak sya dahil at the time, sinasapak sya.” she added.

In the viral video, Montes can be heard asking the victim to choose two options before the incident happened.

Two videos also circulated on the internet, showing Montes doing the same thing with his another school mates.

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